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A way cool video on promoting your webinar. I really like this video (though I don’t exactly catch the guys name). He does a good job of getting you going to promote your webinar so you can have plenty of sign-ups.
A good promotion can make or break your sales for the webinar. Enjoy!

Awesome, don’t you think? Of course it is!

I am the person responsible for this site, Robert Borsuk, and I’m merely here to share tons of truly great webinar tips & tricks videos with you. There’s not much more to it than that. 🙂

Alright, here comes the big “but”…

Listen, before we even get started, I’ve gotta level with you. Truth be told, my own personal desires are really to thank for this site being here. You see, I’m sort of addicted to how-to webinar videos (like the ‘How to promote your webinar everywhere’ vid you just finished viewing), and a cool site on which I could re-watch my favorite videos is really what I was after.

I also see this site as a decent financial opportunity as well. Just thought you might appreciate the truth.

Hopefully you won’t hold it against me if I’m able to generate a little side income from sponsorships and/or product recommendations.

I just wanted to disclose the fact that yes, I do make money from this site. That being the case… in no way is it my intention to sell you anything. If anything from any of my sponsors interests you, that’d be cool! If not, I won’t lose any sleep. I just appreciate your readership. 🙂

I’m just cool with watching and sharing how-to webinar with like-minded people! 😉

And that’s what Webinar Starter Blueprint is. It’s really just a place for cool people to come together and watch videos about webinar. If that sounds like something you can appreciate, then I’d love to see you again. 😉

So keep in touch! I’ll keep ceaselessly sharing cool videos about countless topics which include Promoting Your Webinar, Tips & Tricks, and Getting Started… for starters!

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