Getting Started with Webinars

Hey, Amy Crane does a great job in her presentation of Getting Started with Webinars. I really enjoyed this easy style. She also talks about some pitfalls and things to overcome them and have you come out on top looking professional.

Welcome back! I hope you had fun watching the video. 🙂

I oughtta say hi. I’m Rob, the founder of, and the reason Webinar Starter Blueprint exists is for you to be able to access hundreds of incredible webinar how-to videos. That’s really why I’m with all of this. 🙂

But here comes the big “but”…

Okay, I should really probably tell you something. To be perfectly honest, my own personal desires are the reason for this site having been created. See, I love to watch videos on the topic of webinar (like the ‘Getting Started With Webinars’ presentation you just finished watching), and a cool site on which I could re-watch my favorite videos is really what I was after.

With that said, I see a lot of opportunity in creating this site. Why lie?

I enjoy earning a bit of sponsorship revenues on the side, as I share awesome instructional webinar videos with you. Hopefully, you’re cool with that.

I just wanted to disclose the fact that yes, I do make money from this site. That having been said… any possible monetary benefit is incidental, and I’m not here to sell you anything. If something being offered on my site appeals to you, fantastic! If you’re not interested, no problem. Your readership is what I’m really after. 🙂

I’m just cool with watching and sharing learning about webinar with like-minded people! 😉

It’s for this reason that I created Webinar Starter Blueprint. It’s simply a place for people who care about webinar tips & tricks to get together and watch some cool videos. It’d be great to see you here again, if that sounds good. 😉

So be sure to keep coming back! I’ll be over here sharing more fantastic videos which cover Getting Started, Tips & Tricks, and Promoting Your Webinar… and the list goes on.

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